How We Are Making A Difference

We are committed to reducing our carbon footprint and to make our world a greener place. We have joined with Ecologi to compensate our carbon footprint by planting trees around the world and fund climate saving projects. So far we have planted 113 trees around the world and have removed almost a tonne of CO2.

Each month we will be planting more trees, both in the UK and around the world, as part of this project. You can view our forest, it's progress and see our visualised impact on CO2 reduction by visiting the link below. Best of all you can plant trees in our forest to add more impact and you get to add your name to them. 

In addition to our tree planting project, we are also giving you a chance to plant a tree with every order. Each new order sent out will contain a tree bomb for you to plant along with some plantable wildflower seed paper. 

Finally, while our packaging was always paper and recyclable, our tape was not. We have upgraded this to a biodegradable version which can be recycled along with our paper packaging. 

Our hope is that you will support our efforts because we are all in this together.